Health Guarantee

In case your puppy develops any untreatable life threatening birth defect or death occurs by memory , organ, genetic disease , send the initial vet exams and movie of the puppy dead. we’ll send you an equivalent sex, breed and quality you paid.

Shipping is customer’s responsibility. When making a claim, we require you to send us a replica of all of your initial vet exams that clearly indicates death was caused by only genetic issue / no fault of the owner. The doctor’s exam/autopsy must clearly indicate the death from 100% genetic issue. Once the document is submitted, it’ll be passed on to our vet for an extra review and has got to come to an agreement that it’s actually , a genetic disease.Please feed your puppy properly to prevent Hypoglycemia/low sugar.

We properly treat all puppies with Parasites/worms however, parasites/worms aren’t covered in our guarantee as they’re common altogether puppies and simply treatable.When you take your new puppy to a vet, they could ‘estimate’ the puppy at a wrong months of age due to their size being much smaller than a typical puppy in a same breed. Since our puppies are much smaller in size, they have slower growth rate.


All our dogs are born, raised and live in our house as a part of our family, kenneling dogs is against our philosophy of dog ownership.

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